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Do you like free stuff? Do you like going diving? Do you want to get more training? Do you like equipment discounts? Would you like to have some days to practice in the pool? Would you like a discount on future trips? If you answered yes, then our annual membership is right up your alley. The page is password protected right now. Password: dive

There are three levels, and you can save up to $1465.92!

I'm giving you all first access to this deal because you are my best and most loyal customers. There are limited quantities of each membership level. 100 of Silver, 30 of Gold, and 10 of Platinum. Once these are gone, they're gone.

Each membership is good for a year from the day you sign up, and anyone can enroll.

I haven't gotten the monthly subscription payment system set up yet, so if you want to do a monthly membership, just shoot me an email! I'll have it worked out shortly, but I'm happy to hold a place for anyone!

2024 Training Calendar

The 2024 training calendar is posted.
In other news, I'm retiring from my "real job" at the end of January so there's going to be lots of trips and fun stuff in the future!

If you have questions, email me or call me at (505) 585-1648.



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