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When you’re ready to learn to dive. Get your SCUBA certification in about two weeks. Small classes (3 students and 1 instructor), personalized attention, and a class that teaches you to dive at a pace that you will be comfortable with.

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Cheap, Fast, or Good? Choose Two

There are two styles of dive training, a fast-food model and a high-end restaurant model.

If you go to McDonald’s anywhere in the world, you can place an order and have a pretty good idea of what to expect. It isn’t going to be a great meal, but it will be about the same price you’d pay elsewhere. You shouldn’t arrive with high expectations, or you’ll be disappointed. You’ll likely be nothing more than the number on your receipt.

Across town, there’s a high-end restaurant. When you arrive, you know you can expect a higher level of service, better quality of food, and individual attention. You should expect to have a better meal and better service. Your individual experience will be better. The same is true for dive training.

Learn to Dive – Training

We focus on you. With no more than three students, you will find that you are spending more time working on becoming a better diver and spending less time waiting for other students to finish their skills.

Individual attention starts the moment you enter our program. You have access to our instructors during the eLearning phase of your instruction, and then we bring you into the classroom. In the classroom, you’ll be taught a lot of advanced skills and information that drastically exceeds what you’ll get elsewhere.

In the pool, you’ll have hours of practice, and again, the small student-to-instructor ratios mean lots of individual attention to your skill development. Our proven techniques will ensure that once you’ve been certified, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to confidently dive anywhere in the world an open water scuba diver can go.

In fact, our open water students are often mistaken for advanced students during their training dives!

What the Course Covers

PADI Open Water Diver and SDI Open Water Scuba Diver training covers all of the necessary skills and knowledge for open water scuba diving, including:

  • The aquatic environment: vision, light, sound, heat loss, tides, currents, waves, surge, etc.
  • Physics and physiology: buoyancy, pressure, air spaces, breathing compressed air, mixed gases, etc.
  • Dive equipment selection, assembly, use, and maintenance
  • Dive planning
  • Basic scuba skills including mask and regulator skills, swimming underwater, buoyancy control, basic rescue techniques, and emergency procedures
  • And much more!


Upon successful completion of the course, graduates may:

  • Conduct open water dives in conditions similar to their training
  • Continue their dive education by enrolling in Advanced Diver and Specialty courses

Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 12
  • Able to Swim 200 meters
  • Able to float/tread water for 10 minutes

Open Water Scuba Diver minimum requirements:

  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment in dive planning and execution
  • Satisfactorily complete online learning
  • Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently

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