Learn to scuba dive IN Albuquerque. Get your SCUBA certification in as little as two weeks. Small scuba classes (3 students to one instructor ) and instruction that is built around you. adventure is only a call or text away: (505) 585-1648.

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Small classes, more dives, more individual attention, and no pressure to buy anything


We begin Open Water training with eLearning that covers all the necessary academic topics. You’ll learn about life underwater, physics, physiology, equipment, and planning. During the course, you’ll read about some of the basic skills you’ll use when you dive.


We extend what you’ve learned in eLearning and add to it. This course will take you well beyond the minimum required education. We bring together what you’ve already learned and expand your knowledge!

Pool work

In the pool. you’ll work on all the basic skills that a scuba diver needs. Once you master those, you’ll go to open water work. We want our students to learn and feel comfortable with diving, so you won’t be in a big class. We have a maximum class size of three divers to one professional/instructor. You’ll get plenty of personal attention, and there’s no pressure to perform.

Open water

This is where you’ll really start to see the difference between how we’ve trained you and how other divers get trained. You won’t be disappointed.

You’ll do 5 dives before you’re certified, even though only 4 dives are required.

You’ll demonstrate skills you learned in the pool, but that won’t be a problem, because you wouldn’t be in open water unless you are already comfortable with all the skills you’ve learned! Once you’ve demonstrated your skills you will have earned your SCUBA certification and can dive around the world.

Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 12
  • Able to Swim 200 meters
  • Able to float/tread water for 10 minutes

Open Water Scuba Diver minimum requirements:

  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment in dive planning and execution
  • Satisfactorily complete online learning
  • Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently

Cost: $499.99 (SDI) or $599.99 (PADI)