Do you have military diving experience but no certification card? Our Military Diver to Rec Diver crossover is for you. Officially known as the Accomplished Diver Program, this course will give you a “real world” certification that will allow you to take advanced recreational or technical training.

Course Requirements:

  • eLearning
  • One open water dive.

Qualifications of Graduates
Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may:

  1. Enroll in the SDI Advanced Adventure Diver program, individual SDI
    Specialty Courses, or the SDI Advanced Diver Development Program.
  2. Dive without the direct supervision of an instructor

About the course:

There will be no mandatory runs with RBs

There will be the usual war stories that come along with a group of vets getting together. Bill was in the infantry, and Rudy was in the Navy. We have a Marine, an Iraqi Infantry vet, and an Army Aviation-type in the professional pipeline as of Feb of 23, so you probably know what to expect!

On a related note, we get vets with PTSD. Don’t let that stop you. We can work out a plan if there’s something getting in the way and we will always take a call from a vet who needs help, whether they are a student or not.

Soup sandwich People’s Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps Frogmen need not apply