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Madison McClintock
Madison McClintock
January 27, 2024
I can recommend working with Bill more. I had an insanely tight window to get some certifications in before a big trip and Bill went out of his way to work with me to fit it all in. He also helped me find a place to get a last minute diver medical, got me set up with some great used and new dive gear to take with me. The quality of instruction, personalized attention and patience Bill has is very rare to find. He is also so passionate about diving and will spend any length of time geeking out on it! So fun to just chat and learn from him! If you are interested in trying to dive for the first time or want to take your diving to the next level this is where you should go.
Julian E Vazquez
Julian E Vazquez
December 7, 2023
Excellent website, easy to navigate. Researched all about Deep 6 Eddy Fins and had to get me a pair. Heard of their exceptional reviews and reputation by many, to include Dive Talk hosts. I have not tried them yet but the order was placed yesterday and already got an email that they shipped today. That's awesome.
vita animasonz
vita animasonz
October 1, 2023
Bill is a wonderful Instructor. He is knowledgeable and honest.
Steve Sanders
Steve Sanders
August 22, 2023
I could write a novel on how good these guys are to learn from, but I think the most important part was their willingness to provide individual care. Three times in our class (me included) a student had an issue (such as anxiety) and one of the dive instructors would work with us individually to overcome the fear. By the end of the course we were all confident and competent divers. Had Viking Dives not been willing to work with each of us individually, we surely would have been left behind and would have given up on diving all together. Viking Dives is committed to making its students good divers.
Philip Snyder
Philip Snyder
August 22, 2023
It's hard to articulate how amazing of an organization Viking Dives is. Bill's zen like approach helped my wife overcome a traumatic experience she faced while diving a few short months ago. My wife was able to recapture her Zen for scuba. His approach is tailored to you he is more than just a scuba instructor. We have made a friend and his impact has brought positivity to our lives.
Josh Weiner
Josh Weiner
July 7, 2023
Man what a fantastic day very different than my other dives(warm tropical ocean) but couldn’t have felt more comfortable with Rudy and Andrea. I was very excited to see and talk about the safety aspects of diving (I’m a safety nerd) especially since this was my first altitude dive.Can’t wait to go out again with this group and have no problem traveling to them 100% worth it can’t say enough good things about them
Jade Pascual
Jade Pascual
July 7, 2023
Viking Dives is of the top dive companies I’ve experienced across 3 countries and 4 states. Bill was incredibly accommodating and flexible with our short notice and Rudy/Andrea were outstanding hosts. You truly get their full attention and care, especially with this being our first altitude dive. They have everything you need to be comfortable (even got a short 35 cu ft tank for me!). There isn’t enough space for me to list all the great things about Viking, so just check them out for yourself!
Diana Schultz
Diana Schultz
July 6, 2023
We ordered some fins from the shop, and unfortunately ordered them the very day that they left for their annual vacation. Totally my fault and I did not see it on the website that shipment would be delayed. The shop emailed me to confirm the delay, and I accepted responsibility for not seeing the information on the website. They offered to refund my money or attempt to drop ship the fins direct from the manufacturer......but the color we wanted were out of stock. We decided to go with another color instead, and she is having them drop shipped! Totally above and beyond service. THIS is what customer service SHOULD be. Even though it was totally my fault, they went above and beyond to get it right! Although they are a "young" business, and their online shop is not as vast as some of the other big vendors, those other vendors should take note of GOOD customer care. We live in Texas, so would not be in the neighborhood any time soon, but when we are, we would love to stop by and say thank you!! We will certainly be repeat customers!!!!
Stephen McKeown
Stephen McKeown
May 19, 2023
Great shop and great owner, very responsive.
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds
May 19, 2023
My wife became a client of Viking dives while her and I were completing our open water training. The Instructor we came down with was fine for me but not patient with my wife and she froze up. We met Viking dives and told them what happened. We met with them the following week at blue hole and their patience and mild demeanor made my wife comfortable and successfully completed the open water portion. With out Viking she would not be certified. With this certification we have already enjoyed St Marteen and Belize Thanks Viking dives for helping my wife get this certificate we are definitely enjoying the experiences the open water very has provided. Next deep water certification!


If you are not happy, I will refund every dollar you’ve spent on training. Every single dollar.

If you’re looking for a better deal, ask other shops if they’ll refund your money if you aren’t satisfied.

Ask them if they’ll refund your money a year later if you feel like they’ve taken advantage of you.


Bill here, I’m the owner of Viking Dives and I’d like to tell you a little about me, why I founded this company, and why I love scuba diving. I learned to dive in Albuquerque, with my wife. But there was a problem: we had no idea what we were doing.

Our training was bad, and it’s a wonder we didn’t end up killing ourselves. We did not know how bad our training had been though, because we had nothing to compare it to. Big surprise: my wife stopped diving because she did not feel good about diving.

Maybe I am dumber than my wife. I took more classes and in time, learned the skills I should have learned on our first day in the pool.

Somehow, I became an instructor. I saw what average scuba training looked like, and I realized it was bad.

The scuba industry is broken.

Here’s what they do. . .

Two Things that They do (and we never will!)

  1. They sucker you in with cheap training.
  2. They sell you overpriced stuff.

You think you’ve signed up to learn something, but they’re teaching classes to get you to walk into their shop.

You are just a bank account to them. Their job is to take money from your bank account and move it to theirs. The more money they can move, and the faster they can move it, the better.

That’s how they make money. I know people who paid close to $10,000 for equipment (often the wrong equipment)!

I promised myself when I started this business that I would be honest with everyone. I want to be honest, even if I lose money.

I can’t promise you’ll save money on training or equipment with us. What I promise you is…

Ten Reasons to Find Us Awesome!

  1. You will get the best training we know how to deliver.
  2. You will get the best equipment recommendations.
  3. We will help you buy things even if we don’t sell them.
  4. You will never be in a class that has over three divers in the water.
  5. We teach you at your level.
  6. We will not make you feel rushed, bullied, or hurried.
  7. We will help guide you to becoming the diver you want to be in 5 years.
  8. Our recommendations will be based on your desires.
  9. We will train you to be the diver you want to be.
  10. Your instructors will be well compensated for their time because they are teaching you to enter an alien environment with life support equipment.

That is how we deliver you a better scuba experience. We teach scuba the way I wish I had been taught.

We treat customers the way we want to be treated.

We give you individual attention, the best equipment, and advice, even if you don’t buy from us.

I want you to be ready to dive at the end of your first class.
So we hold ourselves to higher standards.

You get. . .

Five Benefits Of Learning with Us

  1. More dives during training. If the minimum is 4 dives, we do 5. Simple.
  2. Three students to one instructor. (8 to 1 is the average)
  3. Better training.
  4. Individualized training, based on you.
  5. More training. Our classroom training adds to the minimum. YOu will learn things that divers who have been diving for years don’t know about!

If that sounds good, you can sign up today and start learning right from your computer.

We know that giving you our best means we will earn your loyalty. We’d rather sell our loyal customers training and equipment that will last a lifetime. There’s nothing we sell that you will have to replace in a few years. Our students aren’t told to come back and take a peak performance buoyancy class, because they have the skills they need at the end of their first open water class. We treat you this way, even if that means our short-term profits are lower, because we know that well-trained divers keep diving. We are sure we will make you into our customers for life because we have earned your trust.

High-quality Technical and REcreational SCUba Training

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