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Jason Leng
Jason Leng
May 12, 2024
Ordered a pair of Deep6 Eddy fins. I was unsure about the sizing at the beginning but Bill gave me some great suggestions. The fins came fast and the size is PERFECT. Tried them today and it’s such a great pair of fins for wetsuit diving - great propulsion, precise motion control - would recommend them to every wetsuit diver.
Paul Mendoza
Paul Mendoza
May 7, 2024
I just completed my open water training at Blue Hole with Bill. Notice I used the term “training” versus certification. Bill is immensely qualified and passionate to train competent, safe divers. I trained with Bill 1:1 and the feeling you get is of having a patient mentor teaching you a life long skill and pursuit. Never rushed, just pure mentorship. My goal in taking up diving was not to check a box or get that one dive vacation on the books (although nothing wrong with either)! My goal was to learn a skill I could slowly progress in, and feel safe and competent enough to begin the hour. The fact that Bill is both part of, as well as actively building an amazing community of divers is of immense value. If you’re thinking about it, just give him a call. You’ll be glad you did!
David Goldman
David Goldman
April 4, 2024
If your research has led you here and you're reading this review, you've come to the end of the line. Sign up with Viking Dives. If you're anything like me you research the hell out of anything and everything but especially something like 'where to do the technical learning required to not kill yourself while diving'. Bill and his instructors are top notch. From the class to the pool everything was fun and informative. We had so much hands on training and one on one training it was honestly pretty surprising, and I know for a fact that you do not receive this kinda of one on one training from most other operations here in town. (coming from friends of mine who got certified from other places). Viking outfits you with GOOD gear to learn on and familiarize yourself with. Nothing about this experience felt shoddy or like I was on a conveyor belt designed for the companies convenience to spit out mediocre divers. If you're looking for the cheapest school and don't really care to learn then keep looking. But if thats what you're looking for you're probably looking to get into the wrong recreational sport/activity. If you're going to do something, do it right. Bill and his team.. they do it right. Sign up **UPDATE AS OF COMPLETING COURSE AND COMPLETING OTHER CERTIFICATIONS I've now completed, Open water, Nitrox, Deep Dive and Night/low visibility Certs with Bill and his team. Here are my thoughts: TLDR: If there was a 6th star to give I would. - Classroom learning was actually engaging and very helpful - Pool time was so valuable. (which I was surprised by honestly) - Bill and his team were incredibly hands on and worked with everyone at their pace. - Open water dives - by the time we were diving open water I felt very comfortable and most of the nerves had greatly diminished and I attribute this mostly to the education and training I received. I say this next part without trying to shame other dive companies too much. EVEN ON DIVE ONE, THE CONTRAST BETWEEN THE VIKING DIVE STUDENTS AND OTHER DIVE SCHOOL STUDENTS WAS STAGGERING. We all had descent control of our trim and buoyancy and could maintain a horizontal position throughout the dive when almost everyone else we saw (upwards of 35 divers in the water INCLUDING INSTRUCTORS) were bobbing up and down vertically all over the place. If you want the best training, one on one time with instructors and actually care about becoming proficient at diving.. go with Viking Dives. Period.
Casey Slattery
Casey Slattery
April 2, 2024
I have nothing but great things to say about my experience. My schedule is very busy and Bill was very reasonable and flexible with getting my certification. He is very passionate about diving and takes his job seriously. Viking Dives is for people that really want to learn and understand diving, not just get certified. You can tell the difference between his students and students trained elsewhere. He will teach you all the tips and tricks that only come from many years of experience.
mark andrews
mark andrews
March 29, 2024
I had been searching unsuccessfully for just the right fins - evidently out of stock nationwide. Bill reached out months later when they became available, gave me good advice and quick delivery. 👍👍
Monte Woods
Monte Woods
March 26, 2024
First class instruction from experienced professionals! Knowledgeable and well-informed in all aspects of open water diving. Bill and Rudy are top shelf!
phil jesse
phil jesse
March 25, 2024
Bill and his team took every effort to make my learning to dive a fantastic experience. Worked with my work schedule so I could train when I had time to focus and relax. Viking Dives is the place to train, small business with focus on the individual, making sure I understand the material and I'm comfortable preforming each task.
arand pierce
arand pierce
March 18, 2024
Our family just finished our open water certification at Blue Hole this weekend with Bill and Rudy and Andrew. They were incredibly patient and helpful with our younger members, who are now so excited to be certified (and with amazing confidence) for their next adventures. The instruction was top flight with an incredibly high level of personalized attention. We never had more than 2 students to an instructor in the water. The gear was all very new, if not actually new. Perhaps most importantly, these guys love what they do and are eager to share this world with you. I’ll be diving again with them for more advanced instruction and hopefully also just for fun on one of their cool trips coming up.


If you are not happy, I will refund every dollar you’ve spent on training. Every single dollar.

If you’re looking for a better deal, ask other shops if they’ll refund your money if you aren’t satisfied.

Ask them if they’ll refund your money a year later if you feel like they’ve taken advantage of you.


Bill here, I’m the owner of Viking Dives and I’d like to tell you a little about me, why I founded this company, and why I love scuba diving. I learned to dive in Albuquerque, with my wife. But there was a problem: we had no idea what we were doing.

Our training was bad, and it’s a wonder we didn’t end up killing ourselves. We did not know how bad our training had been though, because we had nothing to compare it to. Big surprise: my wife stopped diving because she did not feel good about diving.

Maybe I am dumber than my wife. I took more classes and in time, learned the skills I should have learned on our first day in the pool.

Somehow, I became an instructor. I saw what average scuba training looked like, and I realized it was bad.

The scuba industry is broken.

Here’s what they do. . .

Two Things that They do (and we never will!)

  1. They sucker you in with cheap training.
  2. They sell you overpriced stuff.

You think you’ve signed up to learn something, but they’re teaching classes to get you to walk into their shop.

You are just a bank account to them. Their job is to take money from your bank account and move it to theirs. The more money they can move, and the faster they can move it, the better.

That’s how they make money. I know people who paid close to $10,000 for equipment (often the wrong equipment)!

I promised myself when I started this business that I would be honest with everyone. I want to be honest, even if I lose money.

I can’t promise you’ll save money on training or equipment with us. What I promise you is…

Ten Reasons to Find Us Awesome!

  1. You will get the best training we know how to deliver.
  2. You will get the best equipment recommendations.
  3. We will help you buy things even if we don’t sell them.
  4. You will never be in a class that has over three divers in the water.
  5. We teach you at your level.
  6. We will not make you feel rushed, bullied, or hurried.
  7. We will help guide you to becoming the diver you want to be in 5 years.
  8. Our recommendations will be based on your desires.
  9. We will train you to be the diver you want to be.
  10. Your instructors will be well compensated for their time because they are teaching you to enter an alien environment with life support equipment.

That is how we deliver you a better scuba experience. We teach scuba the way I wish I had been taught.

We treat customers the way we want to be treated.

We give you individual attention, the best equipment, and advice, even if you don’t buy from us.

I want you to be ready to dive at the end of your first class.
So we hold ourselves to higher standards.

You get. . .

Five Benefits Of Learning with Us

  1. More dives during training. If the minimum is 4 dives, we do 5. Simple.
  2. Three students to one instructor. (8 to 1 is the average)
  3. Better training.
  4. Individualized training, based on you.
  5. More training. Our classroom training adds to the minimum. YOu will learn things that divers who have been diving for years don’t know about!

If that sounds good, you can sign up today and start learning right from your computer.

We know that giving you our best means we will earn your loyalty. We’d rather sell our loyal customers training and equipment that will last a lifetime. There’s nothing we sell that you will have to replace in a few years. Our students aren’t told to come back and take a peak performance buoyancy class, because they have the skills they need at the end of their first open water class. We treat you this way, even if that means our short-term profits are lower, because we know that well-trained divers keep diving. We are sure we will make you into our customers for life because we have earned your trust.

High-quality Technical and REcreational SCUba Training

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