We get a lot of calls asking if we buy used equipment, and we do. We buy weights and tanks that you no longer need. Usually, the folks who call us don’t know anything about SCUBA. They’re closing out a loved one’s estate, or perhaps they’ve had to give up diving. We are happy to take a look at all your equipment and give you an offer.

We Buy Weights and Tanks :

  • Scuba Weights: Hard weights or soft, we will always consider taking these off your hands. Whatever the reason, we want your used scuba weights!
  • Tanks: If you have tanks gathering dust in your garage or basement, it’s time to put them to good use and we’re interested in buying them from you.

What We Generally Don’t Buy:

While we’re enthusiastic about acquiring used scuba weights and tanks, we generally do not purchase the following items:

  • Jacket BCDs (Buoyancy Control Devices)
  • Wetsuits: As much as we appreciate the importance of a good wetsuit, we’re not currently in the market for used ones.
  • Boots: Your dive boots might have taken you on countless underwater adventures, but we won’t be purchasing them from you.
  • Hoods: While a good hood is crucial for maintaining warmth in colder waters, we don’t buy used hoods.
  • Masks and Snorkels

Why Sell to Us?

At Viking Dives, we understand that parting with your scuba gear is a personal decision. However, selling your used scuba weights and tanks to us comes with several benefits:

  • Earn Extra Cash: Turn your unused gear into extra cash that you can use to upgrade your diving equipment or fund your next diving expedition.
  • Support the Diving Community: By selling your gear to us, you’re contributing to the diving community by providing fellow divers with more affordable options for quality equipment.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Recycling and reusing gear is an eco-friendly practice. Help reduce waste by letting your used scuba weights and tanks find a new home.
Viking Dives labeled tanks

How It Works:

Selling your used scuba weights and tanks to us is a straightforward process

Contact Us: Call us at (505) 585-1648 or email us at info@vikingdives.com Reach out to us via phone or email to let us know what you have available for sale.

Describe Your Gear: Provide details about the condition, brand, and any relevant information about the scuba weights and tanks you want to sell. We will want to know about any numbers stamped into the tank. We don’t need to know about any stickers the tank has.

Get a Quote: Based on the information you provide, we’ll offer you a competitive quote for your gear. Check out our Google Reviews to find out what kind of business you’re dealing with!

Get Paid: Once we inspect the gear, you get paid!


At Viking Dives, we’re excited to be your go-to destination for selling used scuba weights and tanks. Whether you’re upgrading your equipment or simply making room for new gear, consider turning to us to give your old scuba weights and tanks a new lease on life. Dive into savings and support the diving community by selling to Viking Dives today!

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