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  • Backplate Harness Slider


    The Backplate Harness Slider is a simple solution that allows the use of a continuous webbing harness while still allowing adjustability. Impact resistant and lightweight Does not compromise the integrity of the 1-piece harness Sold individually Lifetime warranty

  • Build your own xDeep back mount or sidemount system


    Build your own xDeep back mount or sidemount system. Follow this link and send us the code. We will contact you and take care of the rest. There is no charge to build or experiment with configurations. If you aren’t sure what’s right for you, call us and we will work with you. We will…

  • Custom Backplate and Wing


    build a custom backplate and wing Divers don’t come from an assembly line, so why should your backplate and wing? Our custom backplate and wing builder lets you put together different combinations to build the correct kit for you. Please note that you can select items that are incompatible with each other. If you do,…

  • Paragon Weight System


    The weighting system consists of 2 pockets, which are slipped on the waist strap and secured to the backplate (assembly screw set included).  The pockets are built from the same Cordura 1100 as your favorite Paragon wing. The left pocket has a D-ring for mounting a pressure gauge. Each system Includes an inner pocket with…

  • Subgravity Paragon complete

    Subgravity Paragon


    We really like the SubGravity Paragon! This backplate and wing has some really nice features. One of the best things is the rounded edges on the plate itself, which reduce the likelihood that you’ll rip or tear your wetsuit or dry suit. It also comes with a DIR-style knife included at no extra cost.  …

  • Total Buoyancy Control System (TBCS)


    The Total Buoyancy Control System (TBCS) is the most configurable backplate in our inventory. From soft plates, to aluminum, to steel, there are a variety of options. SCUBALABS 2021 Tester Choice Harness Click Here To See The Full Review The Deluxe Flex Harness is designed to be the perfect harness for divers of all types…