What makes our divers different? They keep diving because they are comfortable in the water. You will leave our classes with not only the knowledge that you gained but with the knowledge of how you can improve your own diving.

If you’re new to diving, it’s hard to make an informed decision about where to get your dive training. That means the price is often what makes the decision, but think about this: Learning to SCUBA dive is essentially learning to operate life support equipment in an alien environment.

Now, let’s be honest. If SCUBA were really dangerous, not many people would do it. It’s the same with flying. Taking a trip on a jet is one of the safest ways to travel, and more people fly today than ever. Right now, there are about 1 million people in the air worldwide. If you look at the history of aviation, you’ll see a lot of crashes and deaths, but those slowed down as the standards and training of pilots improved.

Unfortunately, SCUBA is the opposite. While there are fewer divers today than in the past, fatalities have remained steady. There are a few possible explanations, but in our opinion, the bottom line is that most SCUBA training is not good enough. That’s why our shop does things differently.

What makes our divers different?
Fatalities reported to DAN, 2007 to 2017


3 students to 1 instructor

eLearning and 6 hours classroom

8 hours pool, 3 students

Students trained while hovering

5 dives, with 3 students

38 minutes per dive, average

You get certified when we’d let you dive with our loved ones


10 to 1

Read a book, or do eLearning

No minimum time in the pool


Four open-water dives

20 minutes per dive

Demonstrate mastery of skills


10 to 1

Do the minimum

4-6 hours pool, 10 students

Students kneel on the bottom

4 dives, 10 students

20 Minutes

Mastery is something done once to minimum standards

Good training = more fun in the water

Being safe isn’t hard, but you need quality training to ensure it. We aren’t going to compromise your safety to make a quick dollar. Sure, we are a business, but we’ve found that investing in our students makes them better divers who want to invest in more training. That’s a win-win.

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