There are many places to scuba dive in New Mexico. The most popular spot is Blue Hole, in Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is known as the scuba diving capital of the southwest. Divers come from all over the world to dive there, and it’s not uncommon to see scuba shops from Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado there on the weekends.

person diving in blue water
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Blue Hole is popular for scuba certification because of its amazing visibility and constant temperature (62F, 17C). In the summer, the cool water is refreshing, and in the winter, you can watch the steam rise. It’s also a great site because the City of Santa Rosa has built divers a warm room, and hot showers.

That is the most popular lake, but not the only one to see. There’s also Perch Lake, which is just down the road from Blue Hole. Perch Lake features two wrecks that you can explore. There’s a twin-engine plane and a VW Bug and both are at recreational depths.

There’s also the Bottomless Lakes in Roswell, which is deeper than Blue Hole (99 Feet). Navajo Lake in Farmington and scuba diving is also permitted at several other lakes around the state.

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